Our goal with VCP is to help educate the veteran community, to encourage self sustainability through cultivation therapy and to alleviate the financial burden on veterans while providing a purpose and connection to our local communities.


New England Veterans Alliance Inc. 

"Veterans Cultivation Program" ( VCP ) is super excited to finally be picking our first 5 Disabled Veterans for our Veteran Cultivation Program supported by our amazing friends JotaHerbThe Summit Private Lounge, HTGSupply, Aurora Innovations, Diamond Cut Co, Harvest-More, MTG Seeds and the many NEVA crew veteran mentors that will be dedicating their time to help other veterans learn how to cultivate their own.



During VCP, veterans will receive around a $2000 worth of equipment, genetics, soil, nutrients and more all at no cost to them. Even though providing everything that is needed to grow is great, we want to also provide the veteran with a mentor to walk them through the entire process of growing their own with an education based schedule taking them through the entire 6 month grow cycle. Educating them on everything from seed germination to harvest and even creating products for themselves.

If you are interested in sponsoring our program

please feel free to reach out to us at

VCP-550 KIt

If you click the button below, you will be redirected to the HTG Supply website with more information in about this kit. Use Discount code "NEVAVCP"

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